Our Story

We launched ColdFyyre in the fall of 2007
in pursuit of a singular goal:

To create the highest quality, artisan
ice cream in Hawaii!

Each tub of ColdFyyre ice cream is made
from scratch, using only the finest Big Island
cream, whole milk, cane sugar and egg yolks.
Our flavorings are all natural, based on produce
grown by island farmers. We feature, for instance,
Kona Coffee ice cream made with one hundred
percent organic beans from Isaac Gillette’s
Keopu Coffee farm on the Big Island and Vanilla
Bean ice cream flavored with Hawaiian vanilla
beans grown by Kylie Matsuda at Oahu’s
Kahuku Farms.

We mix, flavor and freeze our ice cream in
small 6 gallon batches — and only “to order”
to ensure the freshest product possible.

The result is a luscious ice cream crafted with a
care that reflects the best artisan traditions of
the islands.